….create & cultivate

Crafted in our little corner of the English countryside our keepsake Bead&Button Blooms are lovingly created and cultivated. Captivated and inspired by flowers and nature, Amanda has skilfully created her own keepsake collection of Bead&Button Blooms and stunning contemporary wire sculpture.

….create & cultivate

Each flower is individually designed, current, collectible, cute, exquisitely gift packaged and really rather special! Each is unique and best of all everlasting…

….create & cultivate

Whether the gesture be Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations or simply ‘Sending a Hug’, the design handwriting of Bead&Button blooms oozes kindness and a personal joie de vivre…

….create & cultivate

….an array of pretty smiling heads… each flower nestling amongst others in its own bespoke meadow. When placed on a window sill to catch the sunlight or in a small alcove, alongside your computer, simply in the kitchen or by your bedside your Bloom will represent cherished memories of the thought and love in which it was sent…

GIFT PACKAGED to perfection…

…with thoughts of giving to the fore, we believe our unique pretty postal box does it all! Engineered to ensure the Blooms arrive beautifully, the sturdy box is decorated with Amanda’s illustrative flora, is LETTERBOX size and complete with an address panel!

Lifting the lid reveals ‘our story’, the sumptuous paper wrapping cocoons the Blooms. To avoid any doubt we have also included ‘planting instructions’ too…

some of our favourites…

Angelica Bloom – Natural

Gadi Bloom – Turquise

Maralyn Bloom – Yellow

Rosa Bloom – Red/Purple

inspiration & design…

our story

In 2005 Amanda founded and passionately continues to manage award winning One Button jewellery and Hem&Edge women’s fashion accessories.

Always in touch and immersed in the latest innovative materials and trends, combining decades of intricate jewellery design, she has used her love of flowers and plants to design and create Bead&Button Blooms.

how they work

A complete gift in a box; resplendently wrapped and ready to post; no additional wrapping, packing, address label or outer packaging required. Just enclose your personal message, close and securely seal, complete the address label and pop in the post.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them
(Henri Matisse)
Treat yourself, or surprise a loved one or friend...

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